This doc explains what each ticket status means, and when we use each one.

*Note: Our team dynamically assigns the correct status to your tickets in FreshDesk as we work on them.


This status means that nobody on our team has been assigned to this ticket yet.

It’s simply sitting in our FreshDesk inbox, waiting for some love from a team member… :)

Typically, our Task Manager will assign a ticket to the team member who is best at completing that particular kind of task.

We also empower our team members to self-assign tickets so don't be surprised if you get to interact with our entire team over time.


This status means that your ticket has been assigned to a team member and is in your task queue.

Because we only work on one ticket at a time per customer, the next task in your queue will be started after the current IN PROGRESS task is set to RESOLVED.

If you've indicated a certain priority, or order in which you'd like us to complete your tickets, we'll move requests from your queue to IN PROGRESS status according to this requested order.

If you don't indicate a particular priority, we work on tickets in the order in which you submit them.


IN PROGRESS means that one of our team members is actively working on this ticket for you.


RESOLVED means that we've resolved the issue, or completed the task, and now we're waiting on confirmation from you that the issue is in fact resolved to your satisfaction.

*Note that tickets with RESOLVED status will automatically be set to CLOSED status in 48 hours if you don't reply. 

However, sometimes a ticket is closed prematurely. If that's the case, don't worry! Simply reply to the CLOSED ticket and that will re-open it automatically. :)


The CLOSED status indicates that your ticket is not only RESOLVED, but that you've confirmed it to be resolved to your satisfaction, and the matter is concluded for the time being.

Once we've set a ticket to RESOLVED status and you've replied to confirm that the issue is in fact resolved, we'll set the ticket to CLOSED status.


This status means that we're waiting for you to send a reply or take an action that we need before we're able to continue work on your ticket.

*Example: we started working on a ticket but found out that we don’t have login credentials to your website. So we email you to ask for the login credentials, and place the ticket in WAITING ON CUSTOMER status. Once you reply and you get what you need, the ticket will go back to IN PROGRESS status and pick up where we left off.


This ticket status means that we're waiting on a 3rd party before we can continue working on the ticket.

For example, if we had to submit a support request to a plugin vendor to fix some issue for one of your plugins, we'll set the ticket to WAITING ON THIRD PARTY.

Once the 3rd party replies and we're able to continue working on the ticket, we'l set the status of the ticket back to IN PROGRESS.


PENDING status indicates that we’re not able to work on a ticket until you've indicated that you're ready for us to do so.

EXAMPLE: if you submit a MemberFix request in which you ask us to configure a theme for you, BUT you still haven’t bought your domain, installed WordPress, or purchased the theme, then we’re unable to fulfill the request until these conditions are met.

Once you indicate that you're ready for us to work on this ticket, and you've completed any pending tasks necessary for us to be able to get started, please let us know and we’ll put your ticket into IN QUEUE or IN PROGRESS status, depending on the number of current tickets in your queue and their respective priority.


This status indicates that the task is for our internal work, and was requested by Vic or Lesly. It is not a customer status, but just a way for us to keep track of tickets for our own tasks.

*This status is for internal use only. None of our customers’ tickets should ever be assigned this status unless specifically indicated by management.


Article by Vic Dorfman

Founder - MemberFix,

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